Summer is gone. To the capitol!

Well, summer is over. I have moved to Washington D.C. for my fall internship, but here is an update on my how my summer race went.

I did the Minneapolis Triathlon, which was actually super well-run. It was blistering hot though, by the time I got to the run portion. So that slowed me down, but I felt really good about the swim and bike. The roads were actually really hard, so my hands were numb by the end of the bike lol.


I’ve continued to incorporate CrossFit into my workouts, which I’m going to miss terribly here in D.C. There was this super rough WOD the other day: 30 burpees, 10 push jerks, 20 burpees, 10 push jerks, 10 burpees, 10 push jerks.

Then we did toes to bars the next day and my hand ripped. Great right?IMG_4922.JPG

I even tried cross training with rollerblading! Def a fun alternative!

Not sure how my workouts will work now that I’m here in D.C. I really want to find some neat running paths. Can’t seem to find a lap pool close by though…I’ll probably focus on increasing my running distance and speed this semester. Need to get better at that anyway.

Anyway, it was a really great summer, with a super race. Def recommend. Hopefully I’ll find some fun races here for the fall semester.


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